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Professor Toby Bruce

Prof Toby Bruce is a Principal Investigator at Rothamsted Research. He joined the organisation in 2000 and has a background in Biology and a PhD in Chemical Ecology. He is convenor of the Association of Applied Biologists Biocontrol and IPM group, a Visiting Professor at the University of Greenwich Natural Resources Institute and Visiting Lecturer at Nottingham University. The aim of his research is to improve scientific understanding of insect-plant interactions and to use this knowledge to develop novel approaches to manage pests. He is keen on putting research into practice and is developing an innovative online resource for knowledge exchange with farmers and agronomists in his CROPROTECT project. As a direct result of his earlier research and development work, pheromone traps for orange wheat blossom midge are commercially available to wheat growers in the UK. He is involved in collaborative work with researchers in the EU, India and Africa.

'Lure and Kill' technology to manage beetle pests

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Our innovative Agri-tech Catalyst project, led by the Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO), is developing a “lure-and-kill” approach to manage agricultural pests. Currently blanket sprays of insecticide are used against the pea and bean weevil (Sitona lineatus) which attacks …